Quality Assurance


Amron has experience providing services to the Government under performance-based contracts.  Our prime and subcontracts under SPAWAR’s Program Management Team Omnibus (PMTO) procurement were a combination of fixed fee and award fee.  Amron consistently scored above 95% in our evaluations.  So Amron well-prepared to provide our services under performance based contracting.  Amron has demonstrated that whether we are on performance-based contracts or cost plus fixed fee contracts, our people provide exceptional services to our customers.

In order to ensure that we provide superior performance, Amron Corporation’s leadership keeps close track of our operations.  An Amron Vice President, who is authorized to commit the company with the Government, leads each major task area.  Each Vice President certifies the timesheets and expense reports for the employees that support the task effort, tracking the hours and costs under each charge number.  Amron’s Vice Presidents are line managers who provide direct support to our customers.  We do this not only to reduce our overhead costs, but to ensure that the company leadership is directly involved in providing our services.  Amron’s other personnel are sufficiently senior that in nearly all cases they authorized direct customer interaction.  Our Vice Presidents conduct periodic customer reviews to ensure that we are providing quality services.  Amron’s President conducts annual reviews with our customers to ensure a further commitment to providing quality services.

A key part of providing quality services is being responsive to our customers.  To ensure responsiveness to our customers, Amron’s leadership and professional personnel are fully accessible to our customers.  All Amron employees have a company-paid smart phone to allow customers and company leadership to ensure responsiveness to our customers.  Our team members have the same commitment to responsiveness and cooperation.  Our experience with our team members have shown them to have an exceptional level of dedication to superior customer service.

Amron is fully committed to providing quality services to our customers.  However, there are times when problems arise.  In these rare cases, our approach is to have an investigation and recommendation provided by an Amron Officer who is not working in the area of concern.  This provides us and our customers with a more independent view of the root cause and how to resolve the issue.  Amron’s President leads all customer interactions in these matters.  If the issue is with our subcontractor’s personnel, Amron’s leadership has been invited to bring these issues directly to the appropriate team member's leadership for resolution.