Officers and Principal Investigators

Mr. Carl Christensen -- For more than 35 years, Mr. Christensen has provided systems engineering, program planning, and management support services for Navy undersea surveillance systems. He has developed system concepts, provided planning requirements for implementing projects, evaluated technical feasibility and economic viability of various alternatives, and followed programs to completion. Mr. Christensen has also helped initiate the nonmilitary (dual use) applications of undersea surveillance systems.


Mr. Randall Kuldell -- Mr. Kuldell has over 30 years' experience in naval systems engineering including over 7 years in the operational Fleet and 25 years at Amron supporting Navy development programs. At Amron, he specializes in information technology, particularly in computing applications, software development, and data communications. Mr. Kuldell also applies his engineering background in supporting Test and Evaluation for our Navy clients. He leads our internal and commercial Information Technology team.


Dr. Stephen Lane -- Dr. Lane is a program manager for Amron programs sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and the US. Navy. His background is in physics and signal processing, and he has spent more than 35 years applying signal and image-processing techniques to seismic, ultrasonic, magnetic eddy current, and acoustic data.  He is the lead for Amron's Research and Development.


Mr. Albert Terp -- Mr. Terp has been President of Amron since 1980. He has over 35 years of experience as an electronic engineer and manager of technology-oriented efforts. His specialty is in the design and implementation of electronic hardware to meet the requirements of instrumentation, automation and controls, data acquisition, signal processing, navigation, and communication systems.


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