Corporate History

1979 was the year a physicist and an electrical engineer realized they could deliver higher quality services in their world of submarine surveillance by working for themselves; they banded together and named the venture Amron Corporation. In time, Amron became an essential player in the US Navy's ultimately victorious Cold War game of submarine cat and mouse with the former Soviet Union. 

As the world situation changed in the early 1990s, Amron helped the Navy successfully adapt its submarine surveillance programs to the new environment and today assists in managing the Advanced Deployable System, which is a rapidly deployable submarine surveillance system designed for the world's littorals. Additionally Amron has moved into two other significant areas: National Institutes of Health projects involving signal processing technology and Information Technology matters.


In the 21st century, Amron has included the need to improved the defense and security of our homeland to our expertise, providing support to the Department of Homeland Security.


Beginning with confidence, intelligence, and an ethic of hard work, Amron continues to successfully bring understanding to complex problems in the world of submarine surveillance and advanced technology.